About Us


@realty started operations in March 2014, and is now the fastest growing real estate agency in Australia, both City and Regional areas in five states.

The internet is continually changing the way that business is conducted. Understanding and harnessing these changes enables us to more effectively market your property and to ensure a seamless transaction.


Generate excitement

Our business strategy has been developed to take full advantage of the latest digital technology to assist customers, in the buying and selling of real estate. 

Improved services to clients through combining our extensive property marketing experience with a state-of-the-art online sales process. In short, we offer the best techniques of traditional real estate practice, fused with fully interactive digital technology.


Close the deal

Doing business with me because the client and customers know, like and trust.  The relationship and the experience are what open more doors, close more sales and land you more deals. 

Professional in sales and marketing to understand the dynamics and changing needs of the marketplace.